About Our Club


Our Vision

​​We offer authentic cultural experiences to our diverse membership community through a range of shared events and activities in Hanoi.

Our Values

  • We foster friendship through our diverse cultural membership base.

  • We encourage new arrivals to be part of our community in Hanoi.

  • We ensure that the initial introduction to Hanoi is welcoming.

  • We promote cross-communication between our cultures including our local Vietnamese and expat members.

  • We will develop new products aligned to our mission to highlight the range of cultural events in Hanoi and

  • strengthen our club through activities, events and friendships.

  • We will start new Collective Clubs to connect our members with common interests.

  • We will increase the diverse cultural experiences of our members.

About Asian Women & Friends in Hanoi

Founded in 2010, Asian Women & Friends in Hanoi (AWFH) offers authentic cultural experiences to our diverse membership community through a range of shared events and activities.

We are a volunteer organization, where Board members and others give freely of their time to enhance the experience of all of our members in Hanoi.

What we offer 

  • A strong diverse community of members, representing 50 countries including Vietnam.

  • Unique cultural experiences organized for our members, by our members.

  • The income we generate goes to our chosen charity (this year it is Blue Dragon).

Our events include

  • Chao Hanoi — where we welcome newcomers to Hanoi and help them adapt to living in this wonderful city.

  • Coffee O’clock — our regular coffee morning, where you can mix and mingle with members old and new

  • Cultural nights — where we celebrate a particular culture with a night of food and fun.

  • Collective Clubs (CCs) — based around interests, CCs include a Mothers Group and Wine Appreciation.

  • Excursions — get to know Hanoi and surrounds with our regular excursions

  • Moonwalkers — for members who like events of the more evening persuasion.

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.